Is there a limit on how many purchases I can make?
You can make as many purchases as you want on Origin Deals, but you'll need to earn or deposit more OGN if you want to make frequent purchases. You can earn additional OGN by referring your friends and family to Origin Deals.
What is the Origin Deals browser extension?
The Origin Deals browser extension allows you to see the best deals that Origin Deals can offer whenever you are browsing the Amazon website. You can install it for Chrome or Firefox
What restrictions are there around what products I can purchase?
Most products that you find on Amazon a can be purchased through Origin Deals. There are some category exceptions, such as gift cards and collectible coins. Purchases are currently limited to a minimum price of $10 and a maximum price of $300. The easiest way to know which products are eligible for discounts is to install the Origin Deals browser extension. It will show any available discounts right on Amazon.
How do I check the latest shipping status on my orders?
Please visit My Orders to see the current status of each of your orders
Do you accept returns or handle refunds?
Most shipments come with a gift receipt, which means you can process your own returns or refunds. If you need assistance, please contact support@origindeals.com or click here to chat with someone on the Origin Deals team.
Does my order ship directly from Amazon?
Yes, all orders are shipped directly from Amazon.
What is the estimated delivery time?
Shipments vary across different Amazon products, especially during the current public health crisis. You can usually expect your order to arrive within 1-2 weeks, similar to non-Prime deliveries that you see on Amazon.
Is shipping included in the price?
Shipping is free for most products. If there is a shipping cost pertaining to your order, you will see the shipping cost line item added to your order summary at the checkout.
How can I deposit OGN into my Origin Deals account?
You can easily deposit OGN to your account after purchasing it from one of the many exchanges OGN is listed on, such as Binance, Bittrex Global, Coinone, GOPAX, Kyber, Crypto.com and more.
Can I earn OGN without purchasing from exchanges?
You can earn additional OGN by referring friends and family to Origin Deals. Origin reserves the right to cancel OGN rewards or ban fraudulent users from using Origin Deals.
Can I withdraw earned OGN immediately?
Earned OGN will not be available for withdrawal until after it has been locked up for discounted purchases.
What happens to my OGN during the lock-up period? Do I still own my tokens that are locked up?
Yes you still own your OGN, and your locked up OGN will be returned to you after the 120-day lock-up period.
How do I transfer my OGN to an external wallet?
Please contact us at support@origindeals.com.
I tried to deposit my tokens. My balance didn't update and/or I lost my tokens. Could you help?
Click on the 'Refresh' button under the 'Balances' dropdown. If this doesn't update the balance, contact us at support@origindeals.com.